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My job's not done until you're looking through your photos with a heartwarming grin on your face

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Do you love someone loads?

Well, if you're willing to tell someone you love them, while a room full of your family and friends stare at you - that's LOADS.

Some people like to document this occasion with lovely photos, and some people like boasting to their mates that their wedding photographer is a cool music photographer.

Basically, that's me! And if you'd like to have a chat about me taking photos at your wedding, I can meet you for a coffee, a beer, a phone call, or on a video chat. It's important to get to know you, and for you to feel comfortable with whoever shoots your wedding.

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My style

It's very much informal and natural photography. I don't want to get in the way, and I don't want to be that annoying shouty photographer who bosses everyone around. I give gentle direction where necessary, and less gentle direction if you want a huge group photo.

Other than that, I want to blend in with your guests and capture the day you've spent ages planning. My favourite part is always the speeches where there's a huge range of smiles, laughs, tears and embarrassment in all directions. I like to capture all those little moments, throughout the day, as they happen.

I'll happily do group photos, and can help you shape the day so you have enough time to get them done.

We can also nip off briefly to get some great portraits of just the two of you.

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My prices

My base rate is £1200 plus any travel and accommodation costs. I'm based in London, so if it's a London wedding then happy days! In general, if it's within an hour or two of London I'll try to get there and back on the same day, but if I need to stay somewhere I'll have to add that cost on, along with my travel.

For that, you get:

  • A friendly photographer who'll take photos from getting ready, to the first dance.

  • All of your best photos on a flash drive or download. This is usually around 200-300 photos.


Your flexible friend

But! Every day is different and every budget is different, so nothing is set in stone. Here are some different scenarios and optional extras:

  • Pre-wedding shoot - maybe you can use these for an invite or wedding website? I’ve done invites before too, and I've also printed large photos in the past to put up at your wedding reception.

  • Photo book - choose your favourite photos and I'll make you a book to your budget.

  • Do you just want the ceremony and speeches covered? I can do a reduced rate for that.

  • Maybe you're making a weekend of it and want photos of a family meal the day before or after. 

  • Do you like traditional, analogue film photography? I can shoot a roll or two of that across the day if you like.

Do you want someone to photograph your engagement?

I've done that! I hid in a bush! I felt like a spy when arranging the plans. Plan A, Plan B, I've got you covered. Mum's the word. Get in touch!

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About me

I'm a Londoner, and an experienced events photographer. Day-to-day I do live music photography, along with portraits, weddings and any events that'll have me. I love food and craft beer, comedy, and of course, music! The first wedding I did was an old music industry mate who didn't want a typical wedding photographer, so got in touch with me. I've never looked back. Want to know more? Just ask!

Why do you charge £1200 for a day's work?

The simple answer is, I don't. A lot of services related to weddings really do take the piss, I agree, but I'm not one of them and neither are most photographers.

What you're getting for that money includes:

  • The time I spend emailing, meeting up, planning, preparing my kit.

  • 12+ hours on the day itself (which is 1.5 days if a work day counts as 8 hours).

  • 1-2 8-hour days sorting, editing and preparing your photos.

  • An experienced photographer with 10 years under his belt and loads of expensive equipment.

So really it's a minimum of 3 days, probably 4, or even 5 days. From that I have to set aside:

  • Tax. (GRRRR)

  • Money to maintain and replace my expensive equipment. (OUCH)

  • Money to live and pay mortgage. (BORING)

  • Money to live a fruitful and varied life, aka disposable income. (YAY!)